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Styling Off The Shoulder Tops For The Cold (Under $100)

November 4th, 2016|0 Comments


Hello beauties!

As you know, I haven’t really been active on here. I have just been so busy lately with a new job, studying for my real estate license and with this beautiful thing we call life. I have not forgotten about you though. Please keep up with me on my Instagram @carollmalloyfashion, Facebook: Caroll Anne Malloy, Snapchat: @carollmalloy and I am excited to announce that I finally made a Twitter account @caroll_malloy (I have no idea how to keep up with tweeting, but perhaps Perez Hilton can give me some pointers?)…

This picture is taken during the summer at The Biltmore Hotel in Miami, FL. If you are visiting Miami please make sure you swing by for their fabulous brunch! I absolutely […]

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